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About us

We are manufacturers of synthetic leather and other coatings in Mexico and we offer solutions to our costumers through customized development, delivery on time, fulfilling our commitments and quickly solving any problem that can be generated;  all through personalized attention.

Fire retardancy and High abrasion resistance

Our products are designed to take care about safety and people's life.

The flame retardancy and the smoke inhibitor prevent in case of fire, its propagation and the toxic fumes that make breathing difficult.

Vinyls in PVC and PU can be used in the Automotive industry for seats, interiors and carpets; in Public spaces for upholstery and in Industrial clothing.

Continuous research and development focused on product composition to meet industry standards and color and optical matching.

Main Properties


Abrasion resistance

Gakushin Grade 4 or higher

Taber       Grade 3 or higher  D-4060

Fire retardancy

Up to 80mm/min

Restricted Substances

Our synthetics meet the most demanding international quality standards

We are constantly researching and developing products that are not harmful to health and friendly to the environment

We certify every year our products for companies like Levi Strauss & Co., Walmart USA, Wolverine

 Main Properties


All our product pass the norm:

non metal for Children product

Lead                 ISO 17075:2007

Crhomium         ISO 17075:2007

Cadmium          ISO 17075:2007


Azo dyes           ISO 17234:2007


Formaldehyde   ISO 14184-1